So your thinking about selling but you don't want to spend a lot of money fixing up or remodeling. Paint is your cheapest and easiest improvement. It can be done quickly and it WILL bring rewards.

Re paint your front door. A contrasting color can be inviting and is trendy right now.Touch up all your exterior trim if weather and time allows. The other advantage to this is that some loans such as FHA don't allow any peeling paint. YOU might as well get the advantage of a clean looking exterior if it's going to end up being an appraisal requirement anyway.

On the interior, try to neutralize any really bright colors, a medium grey or beige remain attractive to home buyers. Again, if your short on time, do the main rooms: living area, kitchen, master. Those rooms will get you the most return for your efforts. 

Take a look at the trim in the most noticeable areas...does it look chipped, worn or dirty? Sometimes a "magic eraser" sponge is all it takes to renew the floor trim and doors. If paint is in order tackle the most visible areas first.

SLOPPY painter???  You tend to get it all over the ceiling??.....if this is YOU it is worth it to HIRE the work done. A bad paint job is almost as bad as no fresh paint. There are many reputable painters in Casper that charge a reasonable or even hourly price. A whiff of fresh paint is very enticing to a Buyer!  Call me for recommendations and lets get moving on getting your home ready for sale!